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About Us


Thank you for visiting our store! We are a family run small business that specializes in the BEST SOUNDING 1st pressing original records. I have been a collector of vinyl for 20 years and been in the record business since 2007. Please visit my web site for much more information about Cleveland Vinyl and collecting and cleaning records




   I specialize mostly in classic rock, but have a large audiophile section with many jazz and classical selections that will push your system to the MAX!  Please check out our “ARCHIVE MASTER” section by typing it into our search bar. I put new ones on every day.  These are the best versions of the album I can find. They are usually 1st pressing, all-analog masters that will get you as close to the master tape quality as you can find. I go through 5 or more excellent to near mint copies of the same title to find them after a rigorous cleaning process. I listen to Vinyl, CD, Tape, and FLAC to compare the recordings to different formats. When you have a high-end turntable and system, the vinyl will almost always win. They tend to have better 3D aspects and depth to the music. They are usually warmer and more accurate(less boom) in the bass.




    I started selling handbill and poster art in the last 2 years and the response has been tremendous! I have these hanging throughout my house and always get comments from guests asking where to buy them. There are very few places to find music and film art framed for such an affordable price. Please check out my framed and un-framed posters.




    When I started my eBay store in 2005, I sold brochures, advertisements, and reviews for audiophile equipment that I enjoy reading and collecting. I still have over 4,000 Ads, Reviews and Brochures online available to sell. If you are a fan of audio history, you will love these!




Email me for any questions, I discount when you buy anything in bulk.






Greg Marquard– Owner of Cleveland Vinyl and Audio Archives, LLC


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I ship out prodcuts 6 days a week and I prepare orders FAST! Your order is usually on its way to you within 24 hours. I use USPS with tracking for most orders.

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You can return any item to me within 14 days of receiveing it. The only exception are SEALED new records, no return policy on those after it is opened.